Management of acute traumatic injury.

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  • Carolina Klüft, IFK Växjö, sjukamp, 200m
    "During my sports career, joy was extremely important. I also loved challenging myself and doing my best in whatever situation I found myself in. Learning was another thing that I valued highly. Whatever the result, there was always the possibility of gaining a new experience. In helping to navigate the, at times, tricky forest that one must face as an elite athlete, the team was extremely important. Coaches, medical teams, managers, selectors, training and national team colleagues were all were important in helping me find stability and security. For example, they helped me to find the balance between hard training and recovery, improved my ability to focus, challenged me to develop and they, above all, created a safe environment around me, one that I dare not leave"
    Carolina Klüft
    Heptathlon. World Champion 2003, 2005, 2007. Olympic champion 2004. European champion 2002, 2006.
  • Christian Olsson
    "For me to get the chance to achieve my potential, it was always important to take care of all the details, big and small. I had to find my own recipe for success but at the same time learn from previous generations. Knowledge is "KING" in the sporting world."
    Christian Olsson
    Triple jump. Gold World Championships 2003, Gold Olympics 2004
  • "There is no one who succeeds in their sport if they can’t manage to stay healthy for long periods. Injuries can sometimes happen, but it is important to get help early and resting a day too long has no significance in the long run."
    Karin Torneklint
  • "When it comes to training and planning, the most important thing is to find the balance between exercise and recovery, partly to ensure development through training but also to avoid injuries. For coaches of young athletes, it is also important to know which stage of the development process the athlete is in, and to focus training on what can be achieved in that stage. Hold back too, rather than push on, especially with talented, explosive, younger athletes. They can produce a lot of power but they are not usually trained to use it. "
    Dejan Mirkovic
    Coach youth and elite athletics