The content of Frisk.Friidrott is based on current scientific evidence, proven experience or best practice and has been developed via a working group consisting of researchers and practitioners involved in Swedish Athletics.


Jenny Jacobsson, certified physiotherapist, PhD. Medical coordinator Swedish Athletics and post doctor at the Athletics Research Center (ARC), Linköping University. Primary research focus is on health and performance in athletics. Jenny has also undertaken post-graduate studies in biomechanics and completed a master (manips) at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Current research is focused on children & youth as well as adult elite athletes.  The aim is to gain better understanding and knowledge of the health of athletes in order to prevent possible ill health. Jenny has been involved in Swedish Athletics for more than 20 years and since 2004 as head physiotherapist. She has also undergone the Swedish Athletics’s Child and Youth Coach educational programs and has a background as a youth coach in athletics. Works clinically in Stockholm.

Scientific publications Jenny Jacobsson

Sverker Nilsson, Sports Medicine Physician, PhD

Sports medicine physician. Chair of The Medical Committee Swedish Athletics. Member of the Medical Committee Swedish Football Association. Member of The Swedish Sports Confederation (RF’s) Anti-Doping Commission.

Works clinically and is the head of the Neptune Clinic in Varberg. Club doctor in soccer, Falkenbergs FF.

Scientific publications Sverker Nilsson

Marina Sjöberg, Certified Dietician, MSc

Behavioral scientist & certified dietician. Marina has been working as a clinical dietician for a few years on eg. Karolinska Hospital in Solna and in sports nutrition and sports medicine and has been the Swedish Athletics Association’s dietician since 2004.

Marina teaches at Karlstad and Gothenburg Universities, sports colleges and educates national team coaches / leaders in sports such as length, alpine skiing, athletics and horse sports. Marina is located in Karlstad and accepts customers / patients both privately and from occupational health and medical care.

Scientific publications Marina Sjöberg

Lena Haggren Råsberg, Sports Medicine Physician, pediatric orthopedics, chief physician Astrid Lindgren’s Hospital, Stockholm. Head physician Swedish Athletics.

Certified physician, specialist in orthopedic surgeon and pediatric orthopedics. Graduate studies at Karolinska Institutet. Lena has undergone post-graduates studies in gait analysis and biomechanics, sports medicine and administration of botulinum toxin in children with spasticity.

She has undergone the Swedish Athletics’s Child and Youth Coach educational programs and coach training in middle and long distance running. Lena is a co-author of the book * Compendium in children’s surgery and child orthopedics *. Lena has been involved in Swedish Athletics since 1995. Works clinically as a senior physician at Barnortopeden, Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital in Stockholm.

Scientific publications Lena Haggren Råsberg

Joakim Ekberg, PhD, MSc. Public health scientist at Region Östergötland with a special focus on mental health and e-health. Process leader for assignments mental health Östergötland and healthcare strategist with specialization in ehealth. Sports research interest for psychosocial determinants of injury in individual sports, especially among young people.

Scientific publications Joakim Ekberg

Dejan Mirkovic, is a trained naprapath but has for many years mostly worked as athletics coach where he works with youth and adult athletes at both national and international level. He has also been responsible for the coach education at Stockholm Athletics Association, lecturer at SISU (Svensk Idrotts Studie och Utbildningsorganisation) and responsible for the national sport high school activities at the Swedish Athletics Association. In addition to the coaching, Dejan also works with Swedish Olympics Committee as the Swedish Athletics Association’s responsible for the “Talang 2022 project”.

Scientific publications Dejan Mirkovic

Tommy Eriksson, is a certified naprapath with long professional experience from having worked with four major national teams in Sweden; football, cross-country skiing, tennis and athletics.

Tommy is a much appreciated lecturer of physiotherapists, coaches, doctors and other professional groups in the field of taping. Known under the nickname “Tommy Tape”. He is the head therapist for the Swedish Athletics Team.

Scientific publications Tommy Eriksson


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Medical Committee Swedish Athletics
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Richard Thompson, certified physiotherapist, MSc. Athletics Research Center, Linköping University


Mariehill Reklamproduktion, Jonas Andersson

Jacobsson J, Ekberg J, Timpka T, Haggren Råsberg L , Sjöberg M, Mirkovic D, Nilsson S. Developing a web-based health guidance for coaches and parents in child athletics (track and field): participatory action research study based on best scientific evidence and sports practice.  Accepted 2019, August.