Planning for training

Table of Content: Science of Exercise Planning for training The basic principles of the training Knowledge of sports science and training planning is important for us to achieve continued, long-term development and therefore these subjects make up a large part of athletics training … Läs mer about Planning for training

Puberty and Training

Table of Contents: Growth spurts What to consider when coaching young athletes who are growing The female athlete. The menstrual cycle and training Puberty is the period when the body develops from child to adult. Puberty usually starts between the ages of 10 and 13, but the timing … Läs mer about Puberty and Training

Diet & Sleep (Recovery)

Table of Contents: Diet Sleep Recipes (Only in Swedish) (pdf) To boost athletic performance, it is very important to understand what good recovery means! Recovery is multifactorial and can be different for different people, but this page covers two important areas: diet and … Läs mer about Diet & Sleep (Recovery)

About pain and injuries

Table of Contents: Injury types About pain What happens in the body during an injury? Injury types Injuries in sports can be divided into two categories: non-traumatic related to overuse and traumatic. Overuse injuries (non-traumatic) can build up gradually, or occur suddenly … Läs mer about About pain and injuries


This section provides information about the most common illnesses that afflict young people, and how they should be treated. For more specific questions, we recommend that you contact your GP (General practitioner) Prevent transmission - covid 19 Wash hands often with soap and warm water … Läs mer about Illnesses

About Rehabilitation

Table of contents: Rehabilitation (secondary prevention) Return to sport after injury Different stages of rehabilitation Rehabilitation (secondary prevention) In addition to primary prevention, secondary prevention, i.e. good rehabilitation and safe return to sport, is one of the most … Läs mer about About Rehabilitation

Mental illness

Table of Contents: Sport and mental illness Feeling low Support and available help Exercise and physical activity are things that we all need in our lives, and as long as they are pleasurable and challenging in good measure then all is well. Occasionally, exercise that started out as … Läs mer about Mental illness